Capital Ale House: A Review

Italian Burger

Where: Capital Ale House (4024 Cox Rd.)
What: American, Burgers and Beer
Number of People: 4
Total Cost: About $25 per person
Rating: 4 of 5 Stars

It was a day worth celebrating on Thursday so we decided to head to Capital Ale House. They have a great selection of beer and the burgers are always good. And as a bonus it needed up being Endless Mussels night so Adam was happy. Our server was excellent at suggesting beers since looking through the menu would probably take a good hour. I ended up getting the Italian burger which was topped with mozzarella, pesto and tomato. It was an excellent mix if flavors and all the toppings were pretty mild so they didn’t mask the taste of the burger. And I always love Capital Ale’s fries because they are the perfect size and never too crunchy. Plus they have great dips.

And of course, dessert. We all shared the brownie sundae and it was delicious. Brownie with vanilla ice cream, brownie bites, caramel and chocolate sauce, and whipped cream. It was awesome. Unfortunately I don’t remember the names of the beers we had, but they were tasty. Capital Ale House is a great place to go if you want a good burger and a beer in a casual, yet sophisticated atmosphere.  


One response

  1. You did not mention Sandy or me…or the fact I paid for it…and you didn’t add the pictures of me giving you judgey looks for taking pictures of your food. THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE!!! …sorta…

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